Thursday, August 6, 2009

Girls trip!

All six of us girls packed up and headed to San Diego for a girls weekend! We had a fun time dancing in the car, searching for a hotel, laying out at the beach, riding beach cruisers down the boardwalk, watching WICKED!, and spending time together!

Our beach cruisers were so fun! And I got a purple one, of course. We road up and down the boardwalk dodging walkers and rollerbladers, stopped at cute little shops, and ate some seafood right on the beach. Towards the end of the day, I thought my tailbone was literally going to fall right off! I had been having a sore tailbone, which I guess happens when your prego, but the bike made it even more enjoyable! ha!

Wicked was probably my favorite. Glinda was sooooo dang funny.

I think I have the cutest mom in the world. She is so kind, beautiful, and so much fun.

They made the biggest snowcones in the world! All six of us could barely finish the tops.
We made my cousin, Storm, into a mermaid. Anjuli clearly did a wonderful job sculpting the mermaid bra!

It was such a fun weekend spent all together. Thankyou mom!

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Our One Year Anniversary!

I cannot believe that it has been a year since we were married! Time flys by so fast.
This is how we spent our Anniversary!

My Pops let us borrow his corvett for the night. Braden was like a little boy with a new toy! It was so funny! He would turn a corner and speed up and his smile would be so big. It also made the sweetest noise when you started it. It sounded like a huge roar. He would start it purposly fifty time to hear it. haha

We were trying to think of a restaurant to eat at that would be new and super good for our anniversary. We were thinking of the Melting Pot, but ended up deciding to go to a restaurant his friend STRONGLY recommended. It was called Via Brazil...... Holy mistake!!!!!
For how much it cost, it was not good at all! The salad bar was super fancy and had things like raw clams and other funky things. The meat wasnt very good either. It was a let down, but we still had alot of fun spending time together.
For the rest of the night, we watched the Bellagio fountains together, shared some super delicious gellato, and stayed the night at the Monte Carlo. It was a perfect anniversary.

I know I have only been married a year, but when I look back to the day we were married, I feel like I am even more in love with Braden than ever before. It is so cool how love grows stronger, and deeper, and more real with time. I am so lucky to have him.


Our trip to Vegas was relaxing and nice. This is what we did....
WE went out to dinner with Bradens familiy to Chevys. It is the families favorite mexican restaurant. I know I am wierd, but I strongly dislike mexican food! I am all for the fake stuff like taco bell and del taco though. Anyways, when we go to the mexican restaurants, I resort to chicken fingers and fries off the kids menu.

I love that Braden is not scared to go get pedicures with me and the girls! He actually loves it!
It feels dang good!
After a night swim, we snuck out and headed to China town for some delicious smoothies. THey are me and Bradens favorite. We usually go once while were there and then get one to go on our way out of town. Do they have any in Utah?

I am not a very good bowler, at all. I had bumpers, and my six year old cousin still scored higher than me! Pretty sad, but we still had fun!
My BFF's, I miss them!

Katie and Kylie printed out pages of Chuck Norris jokes, and they were so hilarious! These are my two fav's:
"Chuck Norris' daughter once lost her virginity. He got it back." hahaaha!!!
"Chuck Norris once forced a word to rhyme with orange."

Eventful week!

We spent our Friday night and Saturday camping up in Provo canyon and shooting guns. My favorite part of camping is sitting around the campfire when it is dark with an ice cold soda from the cooler and dutch oven food! AAAhhh, it is the best. When we pullede up to the camp site I was a little nervous. There were signs posted all over on the trees saying "Bear Country"!! And then Brade though he was going to sleep outside of the tent on a cot.....ha! Nope, my baby needs a daddy!! haha

Ok, I know this may seem very stupid, and my mom even laughed at me, but I read in my Prego book that the baby can hear things while it is inside of my belly this far along. So I was all narotic while we were shooting, and I stayed in the car because I was nervous it may be too loud for him and that it might scare him! I was maybe being silly, but its better to be safe than sorry right?
I love my little Seabiscuit, she is so cute and funny! It is SOO nice to have a married friend to hang out with!

Our studly husbands.

Braden picked this extra extra large dandilion for me, and it made me sneeze for hours! He is so dang cute.

This was Bradens first time ever making dutch oven potatoes. He put onion, bacon, sausage, and chicken in with the potatoes.... And they were amazing!! He did a super good job! My dad makes really good dutch oven potatoes too, I think he may have some competition now!

We had two date nights this week. The first one was with AManda and Matt. We ate Bradens favorite meal, Haystacks, and then got some ice cream at a little ice cream parlor at Thanksgiving point. We also went and saw the new Harry Potter movie! It was good, a little creepy at some parts, and a sad ending!! I think I may need to read the books to get into the movies more.

This was our second date night! What a wonderful week!