Monday, June 8, 2009

Grandma and Grandpa's 50th Anniversary

They are the cutest grandparents! We celebrated their 50th anniversary with a little party up in Elk Ridge. We played some fun games, did karaoke, ate some delicious food, and danced all night. It was so fun!

We put all of these huge flower balls together and dived in the middle of them.
My mom and dad are half way to their 50th anniversary!

Memorial Day

My cousin Aubry and Bodie had their baby boy, Hank. He's tiny and super cute!

We went shooting on Memorial Day too! I got to shoot Braden's AR-15, which was pretty cool. My favorite gun though is still the 22.

Look at that stud muffin.

The Forbush family came up to visit two weekends ago for the funeral of Bradens 101 year old great grandpa. It was a nice funeral knowing he would get to be with his wife again.
We spent the weekend playing and having multiple bbq's at our house! It was super fun. We barbequed steaks and hamburgers two different nights. We played lots of games and laughed the whole time. We also got to celebrate Karena 14th Birthday! Shes a cutie. At night time, right before bed, Karena and Erick would say to me and Braden, "Lets do something fun, come on, lets tell some jokes." So braden started with the traditional Chuck norris jokes. The two kids probably told five dozen or so that they made up...... and we woak up all the neighbors with our laughing. Oops!!