Sunday, March 29, 2009

Yes, we are still alive!

It has been a very busy past month for us! This is what we have been up to.
I suprisingly didnt have to work Saturday, so Brade took me shooting! This is the first time we have been shooting together and it was so fun! My favorite gun was the 22. I know it isn't as "Manly" as braden would describe, but it doesnt kill my hand every time I pull the trigger!

Braden and his friend made targets at their work with pictures of people on them. You can almost see them in the picture of me shooting.
We went to Las Vegas to check out what my dads office and family had been working on for the past while. They were asked head Extreme Home Makeovers new project. Braden and I laugh because we totally though we could help build the house...haha I dont know why we thought that, we have never built one before! I was still fun to see though.
We spent the weekend in California with my family! We went to Disneyland, California Adventure, and watched Katies dance team perform. They ended up taking first place. She is such a good hip hop dancer!

I gotta say, LA freaked me out. Odd to say because I grew up in Las Vegas! There was so many people everywhere, dressed up in costumes, sometime dressed up scary, and it was dirty. Haha, I have been in Utah for too long.
The classic line of the day was when a lady walked in front of the camera when we were taking a picture with the Joke and Batman. Joker says, "Excuse me woman, could you not see a line of fifteen people taking a picture here."

T-man got eaten by a shark, we sure are going to miss him. :)

My dad has a compulsive churro eating disorder. If he sees a churro stand, he must have two! I don't even know how many he had at Disneyland and Universal Studios combined!

Cooper and Anjuli came into town! And it was the most perfect day for snowboarding!

Last of all, our new favorite date night is the nicklecade. So fun!