Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Our Fun Weekend with Family!

We blessed Conner at Church on Sunday! He is already 2 months old! Can you believe it?!!
He sure looked like a stud in his blessing outfit with his little blue shoes!
Best of all, Braden gave a beautiful blessing and Conner didnt cry during it! We love our little family.

We also got to celebrate Anj's graduation in Elementary Education! She is now teaching second grade and he class Love Love Loves her!! We went to the graduation where she walked then had some lunch at The Pie Pizzeria. Best Pizza in the world, if you ask Braden and I! We then had a party that night at our clubhouse! My mom and sister are the party queens. They always have a cute theme, decorations, and the best food! It was super fun.

Conners Fan Club

My most favorite things

Conner found his thumb! He is a thumb sucker just like his momma
I love love LOVE daddio and baby pictures. They are so dang cute together. Braden loves his Conner and Conner just loves his daddio!

Braden thinks this is just horrible, but I was just tempted to try the bow on. Isnt he just SO Darling!

Tiny Laundry, so darn cute.
Best Friends

Daddio cooking with Conner on his back.

That is one TINY head

And my last favorite thing, Mr. Nubs. We occasionally call him nubs because of the socks we put on his hands at night to keep them warm. And they ToTallY do look like Nubs!!