Wednesday, July 8, 2009

My Mom, Katie, and Trysten came to visit Braden and I for a week. While they were here......
We found out we are having a baby BOY!!!
He is so tiny and perfect! I love how his knees are all the way to his chin.
This is a picture of him stretching for us! We got a dvd of the ultrasound and got to see him stretch, yawn, suck his thumb, move his arms, move his legs, and wiggle all over the place!
I still cant believe that this baby is inside of me! Its so cool.

This is a picture of his tiny foot and toes.
While my family visited we did lots of baby shopping and looking. It was so much fun! I have never done it before! ha! And we put the crib together! It is so tempting to get inside of it.
It is crazy how fast life changes. I did not imagine having a baby so soon, but now I cannot picture my life any other way. I am so anxious for him to come!
My dad, Bryson, and Marissa came up on Thursday night to be here for the fourth of July. We did tons of fun things like going to seven peaks, getting good drinks and treats at the Provo fair and farmers market, having a bbq with the Wright side of the family, and lighting a kazillion fireworks with the Thomas side of the family. I just love my family, they are the best.

What we have been up to!

T-man came up to play with us for a week while the whole family was at girls camp! We spent the week swimming, having sleepovers with cousins, going to see movies, swimming again at seven peaks, eating good food and treats, and playing Trystens new favorite game "Bohnanza". Braden introduced it to him and they probably played it fifteen times! I have to admit, secretly, that it is a pretty fun game when it gets going.
It was super fun getting to spend a whole week with T-man by himself. He was so sweet. He would always come cuddle up to me when we would be sitting on the couch or he would give me back scratches too. After the back scratch I decided we would keep him here forever.

We went to the fair in Orem a few Saturdays ago with our favorite friends. Brade and I got my favorite texas twister lemonade!
We were at the fair for probably twenty minutes when these clouds rolled in super fast. Five minutes later the wind is blowing over all the tents, people are scattering, and Amanda, Matt, Braden, and I are trapped in the Scentsy tent! haha While everyone was trying to hold the tent down and make sure everything doesnt fall, Amanda and I were testing their scents. We got completly soaked on the dart to the car, but it was so much fun!