Tuesday, December 15, 2009


I never thought the day would finally come, but its almost here. I am due in two days! It is so wierd. I feel like I have been pregnant my whole life. I dont think I can remember what it feels like not to be pregnant! I feel like I have been so blessed, I have had such a wonderful pregnancy! It is funny to me hearing some women talk about their pregnancies because they always say it is miserable! Although I try not to think this, I cant help but think they are winers! ha (im sure it is miserable for some women). I love being pregnant. I have my own personal friend that I carry along with me all day. I love feeling him move around and watching my belly ripple all over. It is the most amazing thing and such a miracle that our bodies can grow a baby! I also love how everyone is so helpful and kind to pregnant women. I was walking to class yesterday and there was ice everywhere. Four people stopped and offered to walk me to class so that I didnt slip and fall! (my mom said, only at BYU does that happen, haha). I gotta say, I am definitly nervous to be a mom and for labor. But, I have the best mom and mother in law as examples, as well as other moms that surround me, to follow. As for labor, my friend said, "you cant prevent it, so all you can do is embrace it!" ha good motto. Anyways, I will keep you posted and will be sure to post picture of cute baby Conner when he arrives!

Sunday, December 13, 2009

I have not updated my blog in over four months, very sad. But in my defense, it is because I have been so busy with school and work. If I am not doing either of those, I am hangingout with my cute lil hubby! I started my elementary program this semester and it has been so much fun. They call the first semester the Arts semester so all of my classes are artsie! Its been alot of fun. I'm still working at the OG (olive garden). It is going good. I actually started my maternity leave last week because i figure I was 39 weeks prego and I had a load of things to do to get ready for finals! Braden has done so good this semster in all of his classes. I am so proud of him. I hang up his tests on the fridge. haha! He works on campus in the Utilies office where he loves to sit at a computer and look at plans.

It has been so fun having this last semester of school together without a baby yet. We drive to school together, eat lunch together, and get to take breaks in between our long days together. It's so fun.

This is what we have been up to this last little while!

We made Christmas sugar cookies for our neighbors, and for ourselves of course.

Every boys reaction to my belly when they see me is, "Oh my gosh, heather! Your huge!" haha I am used to it and think its pretty funny. I'm supposed to be, I have a human inside of me! This us at 37 weeks!

T-man tryed to poke his belly out like mine.

Another thing that happened, I was carrying a bowl of my favorite pink fruit salad to the counter to make my lunch for school, hit it on the edge of the counter, broke the bowl, and cut my fingers all up. I had to get some nasty stitches at the BYU health center. It was crazy seeing all the blood all over the kitchen when we got home. Nasty! Braden is so cute, he washed my hair for me because I couldnt get my hands wet.

My family came up to our house for Thanksgiving this year! Anj and I decided to cook all of the food because my mother has been at the hospital with my grandpa. We were nervous because we have never done it all on our own, but we did a pretty dang good job! Go team Stan!

The boys fried a turkey this year. It was actually pretty dang good! It was reallly juicy and had a great flavor. They did it on our lawn out front, ha, the grass is now roasted to a crisp. Good thing its covered with snow!

We celebrated Halloween at my grandma Thomas' house. Anj, Braden, and I drove and ran around Elk Ridge searching for our little cousins to scare. We only found a few of them, but got em so good they fell on the grass! haha

Braden and I have become quite the chefs. We make the best sunday dinners. We made a roast, a turkey dinner, truffles, and lots of other stuff. This is our wish bone!

We went to a BYU football game, the only one of the season. It was fun. Braden had become quite the football fan.
We carved pumpkins with a bunch of our friends.
Fall is so beautiful here! Check out that red and orange!

We asked this cute old man to take this picture for us. He was so cute, he said to us, "what do you call those things there?" We were like, "a camera?" haah he said, "no, im not that stupid!" he meant a "digital" camera. haha
We ate at bradens favorite pizza place in salt lake called "The Pie". They have the best pizza int he world.

Our family hawaii vacation back in August!

We spent two weeks at a beach house in Laie. We had so much fun making french toast every morning and playing on the beach. This is what we did...

Visited the Laie temple

Went to the PCC where we watched all the performances from each village and had a luau. We drank these awesome pina coladas in a huge pinneapple!

Sea turtles are my new favorite animals. Braden had an eye for them. We would be playing at the beach or snorkling and he would spot them out of no where! They we would follow the turtle all the way down the beach.
The boys found their favorite thing to do this year. They would pick up rocks that were not too heavy, but heavy enough to keep you on the ocean floor. They would then run with them under water, on the sand, way far out. The trick was to pick it up, hold it way far out in front of you, and run. It would practically pull you if you kept running. It was way cool to watch underwater! Me and Anj did it a few times with light rocks and would run parallel to the beach instead of out. It was so funny to watch each other!

We had a bon fire on the beach and roasted smores.

The boys jumped off this cliff in Laie called The Point. A polynesian boy that lives there said it was super deep, but it definitly wasnt! They cut their feet all up! Then had to climb up this crevase of spiky rocks with no shoes!
I could not tell you the number of snowcones we ate! We ate at least 5 a day, with multiple snowcones at one stop! They were our favorite. We found a snowcone trailer that we would stop at a few times a day. I dont know if it was the snowcones we liked the most or hearing the girl who made the snowcones say the name that my dad would have her call, "Doo rod". She woudl say it in the sweetest voice and it was so funny.
We went to Waimea falls and Braden didnt get eaten alive by mosquitos this time! When we went on our honeymoon, we got a billion!
Coop was imitating us girls and everytime we would see a pretty flower. haha! We would hold it to our face, smile, and bend our knees. haha

Braden and T-man were the official lizard catchers. They looked pretty sweet in this cup.Braden is such a cutie.

Braden caught this sweet ghecko. Its tail fell off and this lady next to us scrame, haha

Look at Katies freaky eye!! She's a carnie! AAAHH!!!

My favorite restaurant. Umm, thai food.

Our life the past months!

My mom and Anj threw me a baby shower in Vegas and in Utah. THey are the best. It was nice having a good excuse for them to visit and for me and Braden to go to Vegas! I just couldnt get over how everything was so small! He's gonna be so cute, I cant wait to see him.

My two best friends (and you too Katie, your just not in this picture :).