Tuesday, September 23, 2008

I Won!!....finally!

Me and Braden wake up at 6:45 to go to school and we are always so tired that
we take forever to get out of bed, and then we are late getting ready! So... today I raced Braden getting ready, and I finally whooped him! Woo Hoo!! Mr. Brade can't complain that
I am always the one late now! hehe He's such a cutie!

Sunday, September 21, 2008

I Am Me

I saw this on Anjuli's sister in laws blog and loved it so I wanted to try it too! Thanks for the idea Lindsey!

I am: no longer Heather Wright. I am Heather Forbush!
I think: about Newton's three Laws of Motion constantly because of my classes this semester!
I know: that I am not the best cook
I have: the most wonderful family I could have ever asked for
I wish: I could see Katie's dance performances
I dislike: how our trashcan is so stinky all the time!
I miss: Crystal who is on her mission
I fear: it when Braden stays late at school and has to walk in the dark by himself
I feel: good when I exercise in the morning
I hear: the kids running around upstairs more often than not
I smell: good right now, I think....Braden is still sitting by me!
I crave: a snow cone!
I usually: try to get to bed by ten
I search: for my cell phone daily
I wonder: if my homework load will ever go away!
I regret: it when I hit the snooze button
I love: coming home and making dinner with Brade
I care: about what I look like too much
I always: have chapstick on me
I worry: about whether or not the house is clean too often
I am not: as patient as I want to be
I remember: how it felt to be 15 and see Braden in the hallways in highschool
I believe: that I can pray anytime and about anything and I will receive an answer
I dance: in the kitchen when I am excited
I don't always: remember to turn the lights off when I leave the house
I write: letters very often
I win: Katie and Trystens attention and love when I take them to Carvel
I lose: any game when Braden is playing! hehe
I never: want to not live close by my parents
I listen: to music when I cook
I don't understand: why it was so hard to find a job!
I can usually be found: doing homework!
I am scared: to say what I am really thinking to much of the time
I need: to serve more
I forget: to take the lint out of the dryer
I am happy about: how everything has turned out so perfectly!

I love to Camp!!

We went camping this weekend up Provo Canyon. We had so much fun! The boys had to bring two guns each. They claim it was for bear control... but Rachel and I really know that they just love to show em off! hehe We love it though, they are cuties! We made tin foil dinners and cooked them in the campfire. Then we topped it off with some smores!

I know what your thinking... this is a beautiful picture. haha
We slept in Braden's two man tent and had to cuddle up cause it was cold!

Monday, September 15, 2008

New Job!

So guess what everyone... I got a job at Olive Garden!
It is so hard to find a part time job up here and I finally got hired!
Woo Hoo! I can fed-ex everyone breadsticks now!

Sunday Fun!!

Braden has so many cousins his same age! How fun! We all got together this last Sunday, ate Pazookies (giant cookies with ice cream and chocolate on them... mmmm!), and played some games. We played apples to apples first, and at the end, we would read out all of the random words and adajatives that we collected. Bradens were so funny. He was miserable, aged, tough, and radiant. I was creative and emotional. haha Oh dear.....

Thursday, September 11, 2008

It's Thursday, and this is who I am missing...

Anj and Coop
Mom and Dad

Captain Flava

Katie and T-man

Working with Stan and having frequent vending machine visits with her! hehehe

And my little dancing sleepin buddy!!

Sunday, September 7, 2008


Ok, so this is what happened. I was getting ready in our bathroom curling my hair and listening to music, when I see the door crack open a tiny bit. Then bam! An orange dart smacks right onto the mirror right in front of my face! Braden was shooting darts at me! So, of course I had to chase him down, steal the gun, and...... of course I got him back. This is what remained of him... hehehehehe

Happy Birthday to Me!

I finally turned 20 and it was the best birthday! Braden made me a cake all by himself. It was his first cake too and look how good he did! We had a fun day eating snowcones and playing at the house. We ended it by going to dinner at Olive Garden with Arrian and Rachel. It was a fun day!