Monday, October 11, 2010

Check this out!!

I have started my very own Etsy shop! I only have a few things, but the are super CUTE!! Check it out! Support the poor college student fund! :)
Find it here: Heather's Shop!!

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Auntie and Uncle x 2!!

Braden and I got a new NEICE and NEPHEW in one week!
Arrian and Rachel named their little girl Brielle. She is so darn sweet. She has tiny, petite features, a beautiful serious gaze, lots of hair, is such a happy baby, and my personal favorite: her big toe that is always outstretched.
Cooper and Anj named their little boy Porter. He is my favorite nephew. He has a head full of curly brown hair, beautiful skin coloring, his daddys features, long fingers, and is such a happy boy too.
My favorite of all right now is that they are BOTH so CUDDLY and I get to love on them!!!

Fall Adventures

I went to Las Vegas to visit my new nephew Porter whom I had only met once! And of course I got to see the rest of my family too!!
It is so fun having all these new babies in our lives. My mom and dad thought they were getting one grandbaby this year when I found out I was pregnant in may. Instead...they got 3! They are all in different stages right now. When you want to be moving and playing, you grab conner. When you want to be stationary but still play, you grab Harper. But, if you wanna cuddle, you have to steal Porter from ME!

These two girls are such great mothers. Marissa dolls Harper up so dang cute, gets so excited to feed Harper baby food and even films it ( hee hee, we did too!), and simply lays with her and pats her bum everytime while she falls asleep. Anj gets up with lil Porter many times a night to cuddle and feed him, constantly has him smelling so good and looking darling, cries when she thinks he is not getting enough food (hee hee, you used to!), and cried everytime we mentioned how darling and sweet he is in the delivery room while she waited for him to get a bath and return (and when we pulled out a frog towel too:)! )
And then I have my mother and mother in law that are so great examples of loving, giving, and christ like mothers too. I am just so lucky!
(Gee- you would think it was mothers day! haha!)

I LOVE how Porter and Conner are trying to interlock toes and Harp Harps cubby wubby legs in her leggins.

Trysten is the cutest little uncle. He will grab Conner and play with him for hours! He is so good and loving with kids.

We attempted to take some pictures of the grandkids with grandma and grandpa. Conner was not going to sit, he was crawlin all over them. Porter was just relaxing and Harper just smiled. They are such cute grandparents.They are constantly on the floor playing with them, wanting to feed Conner, supplying them with new jammies and diapers, and giving their mothers a nice little break.

Hi Harp Harp!!

Three car seats all in a row! Moms are in the back entertaining, replacing fallen out binkis, and getting car sick while grandma is in the front playing choffeur!