Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Most fav pictures in the world!

Anjuli's sister in law, Megan, took Conner's new born pictures...and she did an awesome job!
I cant get enough of this lil guy.

hahaha his chunky arm is so sweet

baby conner loves his daddio

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Our lil man is finally here!

Baby Conner was due December 17....five days past the 17th, he still hadn't decided to leave his warm cocoon inside of my belly. My doctor decided to induce me on Tuesday the 22 because my fluid levels were low and Conner was estimated to be 9+ pounds!
Braden and I think it was the funnest thing driving to the hospital, knowing we were gonna meet baby conner and get to take him home with us!

My wedding ring was stuck on my finger for two weeks before I delivered. My fingers were little sausages, ha! Mom and Anj tryed to massage the ring off, no luck.

Silly boys
We were so lucky to have Mom and Dad Forbush up for the weekend so they could be there to meet baby Conner when he came out!
I was in labor for about 10 hours. It sounds long, but it went by so so fast! Before I knew it, the doctor came in and said it was that time!
After 30 minutes, this cute little thing was born, and I can still hardly believe he was inside of me, its amazing!
Baby Conner weighed 9 pounds 5 ounces and was 21 inches long!

Conner had fluid in his lungs and had a bowl movement when he was coming out which made him have a hard time breathing. He ended up spending the first day in the NICU, strapped to all these machines. Poor little guy. Its hard seeing your brand new baby like that and not being able to do anything to help him! All I have to say about the first day was that it stunk horribly! My poor husband, mom, and sister had to take care of the 21 year old emotional wreck!
They let me come up and see him and breast feed him a few times while he was up there.
Poor little man was so hungry he was going to eat anything in sight, even if it was his IV!

He is so sweet

Mom and Dad Forbush got to meet him before they left for home!

FINALLY getting to take him to our room!

Daddy's first time holding Conner. And they couldnt be any cuter!

Grandma and Grandpa Wright, how wierd to call them grandparents now! They are so sweet to Conner, and spoil him WAY too much!

Come to the hospital with no baby, and leave with one! SO FUn! WE took him home on Christmas Eve at 9:30, the perfect gift for Christmas!