Thursday, June 26, 2008

Every year we go to a tropical place for our family vacation and the first question I ask the tour guide is if they have any monkeys. Well... I gave up after all those year and guess what!!..... Mexico had one!! The man even put it on top of my head and it left me a little suprise in my hair........Gross!!!
We went to Playa Del Carmen, Mexico for our family vacation this year and Braden got to come!
Look at those two cute cowboys with their new boots!

We rode skooters all around Cozumel. It would rain for a minute, then not rain, then it would rain again! Good thing I rode on the back of Braden or else
I would have gotten as soaked as he did!

Bryson loves his mariache band!

This other monkey jumped on top of my head, ripped my headband off, and started chewing on it!! It Scared me!!

We had such a fun time! Thanks mom and dad!!

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Arrian and Rachel's Wedding

We went up to Bountiful, Utah for Rachel and Arrian's Wedding this past weekend!
Now those two are honeymooning on the beach in San Diego!

Brade looks like a FBI agent!

Me, Braden, Anjuli, and both of our mothers have been working for 3 nights now to finish our wedding invitations! It's been fun......but alot of work!!! Whenever I would ask Braden to pass me the glue dots, he would always have to correct me.. "There Zots sweetie". haha He's a cutie :)