Saturday, May 15, 2010

Mothers Day

Mothers Day is officially the best holiday. Braden and Conner made my first mothers day so special. If I would have known how fun mothers day was before this one, I would have had a baby sooner!! :)
According to Braden, Mothers day consisted of 5 "phases". Each one awesome and super fun!!

The pictures are in the wrond order, so we will start with Phase 5: Apple Pan Doutie. Delicious and plenty of leftovers, my fav!

Phase 4 was a back massage and Phase 3 was Chicken Parmesian, one of my recent favorites. Braden did the cooking all by himself (what a sweetie!).

We spent the day outside in the sunshine playing monopoly deal, throwing the football, and playing with Conner.

Conner giggles when we toss him in the air. Its so funny.

Phase 2 was some cute dangly earrings Conner and Braden got for me... and Phase 1 was Breakfast! Braden does not agree, but he makes the BEST pancakes in the world. He says they are always too fluffy, but isnt fluffy the definition of a great pancake? I think so. He made some whip cream and added strawberries to the top. I decided we will have to make them every sunday!

IHOP called and wants this picture for their menus.

Thank you for such a fun, special day Braden and Conner! I am so lucky that I get to be a parent with you Braden, and mother to Conner. I love you two!!

Friday, May 14, 2010

Summer is B-E-A-utiful

We have been busy with many fun activities to keep us busy and enjoying the not so warm, but not snowing weather.

My new friends Sara and Maia go on walks with Conner and I to get a treat and lunch at Sonic. Its Sooo nice being able to get out of the house! Cabin Fever gets me often!

We went to the BYU vs SDSU baseball game. Us girls were laughing because we reallly didnt go to the game to actually watch it! We went there to chat of course. As Jamie puts it, "We dont go out to eat because were hungry, we go for the company." So true!! The food and game were just bonuses.

We are Cosmos number one fan! I really want to know who is under there motioning for girls to call him and dancing all over the stands.

We got the BEST pina colada recipie from Matt and Amanda. It has pinneapple juice and this creamy coconut concentrate in it. They are addicting! Thanks for the secret recipie friends! (P.S. can I have that pasta recipie Seabiscuit? You are a wonderful cook!)

We also have been trying to take advantage of Wednesday dollar night at miracle bowl! It's super sweet, we bowl 4 games for ten bucks! Braden and I are always intimidated to invite people with us because we STINK at bowling to the point that it is embarassing. Amanda and Matt schooled us the week before and then Sara and Matt claimed they weren't good either....YEAH RIGHT!! Sara bowled, i think it was, three strikes in a row!
Anyways, it really doesnt matter right, its all about the great company!

Braden served his mission is South Korea. We have been married for almost two years and I have not had Korean food once! We decided it was about time for me to test it out.
Braden loves Kim Chi, which is basically framented, rotted cabbage. Delicious huh! But... the Koreans like it, Braden likes it, and I had to try it.

There were many new and interersting foods to try, but this happened to be my favorite.

And not so favorite
We were able to take a trip to Vegas when we had our four day break in between winter and spring semester. We got to spend lots of time with family, go to Megan and Stevens wedding, and meet our new, DARLING, and absolutly perfect neice.

Megan and Steve got married on April 24th. She was a beautiful bride and so stinkin cute in the sealing room.

Harper Ann Wright is our newest addition to our family! She was 6 pounds and i think 5 ounces when she was born. She is the TINIEST thing I have ever seen. She has the cutest, girliest features, and prettiest skin. I just love her!
Although you cannot really see Harper well, this is a picture of her in her daddys cowboy boot.

As you can tell on Conners face, he just loves his Grandma Forbush and Uncle Eric. And they happen to all be twinners!

This picture can give you a visual of just how tiny baby Harper is.
She is so dang cute! I think I may have to steal her Mariss. :)

Bryson, Marissa, and Harper Wright. Marissa is the sweetest mom and Bryson is the cutest dad. I couldn't tell you how many pictures I recieved from him a day on my phone of Harper. It is fun to see how him with his cute little baby girl.

And of course Conner LOVES his auntie Anj, she spoils him.
p.s. cant wait to come stay with you next weekend Stany!!!

We love you and miss you Grandma and Grandpa Forbush!