Tuesday, April 20, 2010

A question that I recieve from people quite frequently is, "Is it hard being a mom?" It also comes in different forms such as "is it hard having to wake up multiple times in the night", "is it hard having to entertain him all day", "is it hard having to take him everywhere you go"??? There is many more, but they are all basically similar. I find this question so funny! And here is my answer to these questions: NO!! I think being a mom is the best, funnest, and most wonderful thing I have ever done. I enjoy taking him everywhere I go even if his carseat is fifty pounds. He makes grocery store and JoAnn's trips entertaining with his loud coos that make everyone in the store peek inside the carseat to see what cute lil thing is making so much noise. I am not the one who has to do the entertaining around our house, he keeps me entertained. I find myself stopping all that I am doing just to try and make him smile, or my recent favorite... laugh! I also notice myself doing this when he is talking up a storm to his frog friend that dangles above him on his play mat. And as for the night interruptions, they just might be my favorite. Besides the fact that he is super cuddly at 3 A.M. , I find that I miss him by that time in the morning and am glad I get to pick him up out of his crib.

Monday, April 19, 2010

Forbush Happenings

Tulip season is back. And we have ONE to look at and enjoy for the short time that it is blooming. AND we have to share it with everyone else in the neighborhood! What is this!

Conner has began to do a few NEW things, and his parents think they are pretty much the greatest.

1. Smiles ALL the time

2. Laughs occasionally

3. Drools

4. Stands if you hold his hands

5. Drools ALOT

6. grabs his toes

7. Talks all the time

8. Plays with toys

9. Drools!!!

10. Puts himself to sleep if you lay him in his crib

11. Is the cutest little man in the world

12. Drools and goes through ten bibs a day

With the permission of the Howards, we have prepared a pre-arranged marriage for these two little munchkins. Conner likes the older women, even if it is only by five days.

We layed these two love birds on their play mat and they were already trying to hold hands! On top of that, Conner stared at this cute girl, named Lola, for five minutes talking away to her! Besides the fact that it was extremly adorable, Lola's dad had to step in between these two to play the protective daddy role.

We have finally seen the light at the end of our long winter. Spring is here and we are enjoying every minute of it. We take frequent walks to Macey's (no, not the clothing department you Vegans, it is a grocery store here in U-town), Sonic, and Red Box. We always stop at Sonic to get a extra large cherry limade for free with a receipt we recieved. And when we give them our coupon, they give us another one on our new receipt! Its pretty awesome. Silly Sonic workers.

Our new favorite family treat is frozen yogurt. Braden and I have had to ask ourselves many times this past week what we were thinking when we would want a treat and would automatically resort to ice cream. Forget ice cream! This stuff is amazing! And healthy? I'm not too sure about that. They claim it is, but the size Braden and I get can't be TOO healthy.

The best part was when we went to take a picture and Conner tryed to sneak his little hand in the yogurt and steal a blackberry! It got all smooshed in his sneaky fingers.

We got to play with some of our favorite friends, Jamie and Tony. They are pretty much the funniest couple and make Braden and I laugh the whole time we are with them!
---Dear Jamie, come play with me!
Love, Conner

We also went to the MAN EXPO with Arrian and Rachel. I dont think I have seen that many scantily dressed girls in years! Nonetheless, we still had fun getting to watch some boys wake board inside, stand next to a ginormous monster truck, watch cute little boys ride the mechanical bull. Afterwards, we ate delicious PIE pizza and coldstone (this was before we discovered our prized frozen yogurt of course).

I got to babysit this cute little man, James Heap. He was so dang darling and such a good baby. He sits up on his own and eats baby oatmeal, and rolls all over the floor like a rolie polie. As you can see from the next picture, Conner is still trying to learn how to sit up from his older, and therefore cooler, friend James.
The sitting up thing was not so successful for Conner this time, so James so generously offered his shoulder to Conner.
My family visited us for a week. We did lots of fun things like make crafts, shop, eat lots, and hang out together.
Oh, and P.s. Anjuli is having a BOY!!!!!!!! Conner and mini Cooper are just gonna be best friends, I can already tell.

We went to St.George where Bryson and Mariss were sealed in the St. George temple. They sure are a cute couple and we love them, and CANNOT wait to meet their little Harper this week!!!
This was a funny night. It was St. Patricks day, so I was trying to make a fun St. Patties day dinner for Daddio Brade Dizzle! I made green mashed potatoes, green cucumber salad, green drinks, green biscuits, and not green chicken. I am getting everything ready and am almost done, which would have been perfect timing for Braden when he gets home! But....the smoke alarm goes off because the stove did not get cleaned from when braden cooked ribs. Then Conner starts scraming, the timers all start going off, Braden is calling me to open up the garage, and someone is knocking at the front door wondering if we are alright! Oh dear... long story short, the food was cold, the house smoky, and the night one to remember.

I do not really like this picture of Conner with the IBC rootbeen bottle, but Conners face in it just makes it funny. Braden thinks it is absolutly awesome.

And once again, Conners fan club continues.