Thursday, May 21, 2009


Were expecting a baby! We found out about a month ago when we were visiting family. I had been so sick the week before and thought it was the flu! I would call my mom and tell her that I felt nausus all day, super tired all day, and nothing ever sounded appetizing to me. She would say, "Your Pregnant". And we would just laugh because Braden and I hadn't been trying, and it is the last thing that I was expecting. But....... after three pregnancy tests, we were convinced that I am officially pregnant!
My dad is hilarious, he will always say to me, "Your sleeping for two, your eating for two, your swimming for two!" haha Both my mom and dad are pretty excited to be grandpartents.
Braden and I went to the doctor for the first time on Tuesday and we got the hear the baby's heartbeat! It was so neat! He let Braden and I hear my heartbeat first, which was just normal, then he moved the machine around and we heard this super fast beating! It was really exciting. I am officially due on December 17th. Braden is so dang cute, he always kisses my tummy now.
And something else that is exciting, Katie and Kylie made the dance team at Becker middle school! They are so dang cute, super great dancers, and are gonna have such a fun eighth grade year! I love those girls!

Amandas Wedding!

The week of the wedding was so fun. We went to lunch with all the girls, got our toes done, and watched Amanda try on her dress before the wedding!
We went to the big Rehersal dinner the night before the wedding and ate Braden and I's favorite pizza at BJ's Pizza.
After dinner, all of us girls dressed up in boas and fun masks and headed out for Amanda's bachelorette party. We drove down to the Bellagio fountains where Amanda had to do some dares to win her prizes. She did the macarena with strange boys and was taught a ton of pick up lines that made absolutly no sense from every possible drunk person that passes by. Example: "Hi im John, whats your name, do ya?" Something like that, it was pretty funny.

Amanda and Matt were sealed in the Las Vegas Temple. It was so fun to get to be able to go into the temple! They were so cute, smiling the whole time.

The rest of the day was great! We took some pictures at the temple and at the reception area. The reception was beautiful and her dress was even more beautiful! My two favorite things at the reception were the cute white daiseys stuck in the bows on each of the chairs and the cake! It had white chocolate petals, so yummy. Amanda and Matt are finally married and seem so happy! Im so excited for them!