Wednesday, December 10, 2008

My family visits Utah!!

My family came all the way to Utah and stayed at me and Bradens house! We camped out all over the place.
We had our Thomas family Christmas party at Aunt Annies house on Saturday.
It was so fun, we even played an embarrsing, but fun game called "Bum Darts"!

This is Presley, my cousin Brandy's baby. She is so dang cute!
And she fell asleep on my lap :)

On Friday, before the Christmas party, we visited Temple Square. We walked around and saw the lights, watched the new Joseph Smith movie, and at The Roof at the top of the Joseph Smith building. It was such a fun day.

Last Christmas when Braden and I were not yet married or even engaged, we took a picture in front of this bush. haha I know, were wierd, but it's out bush.
haha I'm a little embarasses to tell that to people.

I have the best family, I could not ask for more.

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