Saturday, November 1, 2008

Our First Spooky Halloween!

For Halloween this year, Braden and I were a Biker couple! We had tatoos, the black leather, and of course... a handle bar mustache.
Rachel was a little girl playing dress up. Arrian dressed up in a lot of layers and he called himself "socially awkward". haha It was super funny.
We were driving and saw a kid with the "V for Vendetta" mask on just chillin in the back seat... so we had to get a picture, it's not everyday that you see that!
This is Aesalina and Rich's baby, Victoria. She is so tiny! And has the cutest cheeks! She was the cutest pumpkin all night!
We heard rumors that the neighbors had some good Halloween treats... and we couldn't just go and knock on the door by ourselves, so we took the baby, Victoria! And of course we got lots of those good Halloween treats because she is so dang cute!
We ate at Olive Garden, played games, and made home-made rootbeer too! It was a great Halloween!